Gifts to Neptune.

It is traditional for a boat to offer gifts to Neptune, God of the Sea, when passing over the equator.
This usually takes the form of the captain covering the crew in slops and then ducking them. Not being quite that Swash-buckling we stuck to Champagne!

Being generous sorts of people we have been continually (albeit accidentally) giving Neptune gifts. For your amusement here is the list so far:

1. Fishing spinner, otter and fish hooks (although the boys claimed they were taken by fish)
2. Sea anchor (complaint letter in progress- to manufacturer not Neptune!)
3. Russ's hat (some may consider a blessing)
4. Whistle
5. Towel (disappeared under mysterous circumstances- must use pegs!)
6. Shower Gel (hazard of showering al fresco)
7. Bolt, nut and various other fittings (whilst Pete did repairs)
8. Squid bait and otter mark 2 (fish again blamed by boys)
9. Allen Key (the one that fits everything, again during repairs)
10. Fish finder, hook and bait (definitely a fish this time!)
11. Door Keys- oops!
12. Seat cover- double oops!
13. Champagne- The equator has been crossed- hooray!
14. Fender
15. Yet more fishing gear, along with a sense of humour.
16. One snatch block (expensive pulley - well, would have been if we'd been charged for it!)
17. One wind generator blade, along with two (probably) dead birds that flew into it.
18. 1 pair of Flip Flops, 1 Squeegy, 1 Scrubbing brush and 1 wind generator ose cone(it was a very windy night)
19. 1 Deck Shoe (it made it round the world and then mutinied)
20. More fishing lures, some attched to fish like the Guadaloupian baracuda