Passage Plan

We left from Troon in August 2004.

Our initial voyage took us from the west coast of Scotland down the east coast of Ireland to Cork then onwards across the Bay of Biscay to Spain and Portugal, then into the Mediterranean Sea. Map
From here we travelled down to the Canary Islands and then across the atlantic as part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. Map
We spent the first part of this year cruising in the Caribbean, before transitting the Panama Canal at the start of March. Map
We reached Australia in July, after crossing the Pacific Ocean, visiting lots of the islands en route. Map
We travelled round the north of Australia, spending some time at the Great Barrier Reef, to leave from Darwin on the north coast. Map
The Indian Ocean was a quick trip, stopping at a few places on the way and having a long break in Mauritius before reaching South Africa. Map
We travelled around South Africa and made our way round back to the Atlantic with lots of land activities. Map
We made our second Atlantic crossing from South Africa to Brazil, stopping at St Helena and Ascension, a fantastic sail with great winds and currents. Map
We returned to the Caribbean and completed our circumnavigation of the world at Grenada, after 405 days and then travelled up the windward and leeward islands at a very sedate pace for us.Map
Our final ocean crossing brought us to the Azores and back to Europe.Map

The itinery from here is to make the final journey to Ireland and then back to Troon.